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Venetian Small Vessels

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Venetian Small Vessels


MSRSV denotes Venetian Small Vessels


MSRSV Aquila32corvette?Venezia1794-jun1797-may-17
MSRSV Cibele16schoonerAndrea Spadon*Venezia1790-may-171797-may-17
MSRSV Cimodecca?schoonerAndrea Spadon*Venezia1790-may-171793
MSRSV Merope?schoonerAndrea Spadon*Venezia17..-jun-251797-may
MSRSV Enea?cutterAndrea ChiribiriVenezia1790-sep-281796-feb
MSRSV Acate?cutterAndrea ChiribiriVenezia1790-sep-281792
MSRSV Giasone18cutter-brigPiero BeltrameVenezia1791-aug-291797-may-17
MSRSV Polluce?cutter-brigAndrea SpadonVenezia1796-aug-61796?
MSRSV Castore18cutter-brigCarlo NovelloVenezia1796-aug-61797-may-17
MSRSV Dea3gunboat?Venezia1794-sep1797-may-17
MSRSV Incorruttibile5gunboat?Venezia1795-feb1797-may-17
MSRSV unknown1

HIMAUS Belle Poule

MSRSV Idra7floating battery?Venezia1795-feb1797-may-17
MSRSV Orione???Venezia1770-feb1797-may-17
MSRSV Polluce???Venezia1775-oct(1797-may-17)
MSRSV Adria???Venezia1793-feb1797-may-17
MSRSV Adamante???Venezia1793-dec1797-may-17
MSRSV Buon Destino???Venezia1794-aug1797-may-17
MSRSV Vittoria???Venezia1795-aug1797-may-17
MSRSV Obusiera no16howitzer boat?Venezia1795-aug1797-may-17
MSRSV unknown2

HIMAUS Austerlitz



According to C.A. Levi there were following small vessels in commision in may 1797:

20 galleys (11 outside Venice)

8 gunboats armed 1x4pdr,4x6pdr)

3 brigs (16-18 guns)

1 schooner (16 guns)

7 galiots (30-40 oars)

7 shebecks

5 felucas

31 howitzer boats (1 howitzer 50pdr, 1 howitzer 40pdr, 4x6pdr)

10 floating batteries ("Galleggianti sulle botti")(2x30pdr each)

40 small batteries ("Passi armati") (1x20pdr,4x6pdr)

1 large floating battery MSRSV Idra armed in 7x50pdrs



According the same source there were following small vessels in construction in may 1797:3 galleys, 1 bombard ship, 2 cutters, 8 gunboats armed 1x4pdr,4x6pdr.




There were some ships built for the Republic of Venice still appearing on the list from April 1st, 1808, although decommissioned: Adria, Austerlitz (ex?, built 1793-feb), Idra, Adamante, Orione, Buon Destino, Enea. Vittoria.



  • Constructors who were rebuilders rather than builders of particular ships.

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