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Venetian Small Frigates

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Venetian Small Frigates

Fregata leggera


A little is known about earliest frigates, those form early 1780s had c 1000 tons displacement the last four 1100-1300 tons.

Shorted by start & end service date


DecksOriginal NameGunsShipyardConstructorStartEnd
1MSRF Brillante30fVeneziaGiacomo Giacomazzi1778-may-261797
1MSRF Palma40fVeneziaGiacomo Giacomazzi1784-may-191797
1MSRF Pallade?VeneziaPiero Beltrameaft17861797
1MSRF Venere?VeneziaGirolamo Manao1786-aug-191787-nov-30
1MSRF Bellona?VeneziaAntonio Chiribiri1788-apr-291797-may-17
1MSRF Cavalier Angelo?Squero dei Parisi, VeneziaVE_bought17841792
1MSRF Medusa40fVeneziaGirolamo Manao1788-jul-41797
1MSRF Cerere32fVeneziaGiovanni Battista Gallina

Iseppo Cason

1MSRF unnamed 1

HMXMF Muiron

44VeneziaAndrea Chiribiri

Andrea Calvin

1MSRF unnamed 2

HMXMF Cerere

44VeneziaAndrea Spadon

Francesco Coccon

1MSRF unnamed 3?VeneziaGirolamo Manao-(1797-sep-27)
1MSRF unnamed 4?Venezia?-(1797-dec-28)
1MSRF unnamed 5?Venezia?-(1797-dec-30)
1MSRF unnamed 6?Venezia?--
1MSRF unnamed 7?Venezia?--
1MSRF unnamed 8?Venezia?--

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