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Venetian 3rd Rates

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Venetian 3rd Rates(40-54 guns)


First Third Rates had c. 800 tons displacement, that increased to c. 1000 tons in early 1690s.


Shorted by start & end service date


Original NameGunsShipyardConstructorStart End
MSRS Madonna della Salute (1)50VeneziaStefano Conti1675-dec-211714-apr-21
MSRS San Antonio di Padova50VeneziaTommaso di Giacomo1684-apr-261715-sep-15
MSRS Pace ed Abbondanza50VeneziaAntonio Filetto1684-apr-261714-jul-24
MSRS San Giovanni Battista Piccolo50VeneziaStefano Conti1684-apr-261693-sep-18
MSRS Vittoria (1)

MSRS Vittoria Morea

50VeneziaMattio di Antonio1687-feb-71717-dec-18
MSRS Valor Coronato54VeneziaDomenico di Paolo Corso1687-may-221719-aug-31
MSRS Monton d'Oro?VeneziaIseppo di Piero de Pieri1688-feb-111691-jan-13
MSRS Abbondanza e Richezza?VeneziaAntonio Filetto1688-feb-151694-feb-9
MSRS Nettuno50VeneziaBenetto di Zamaria Gambillo1690-jun-141722-apr-23
MSRS Scudo della Fede50VeneziaFrancesco di Anzolo De Ponti1715-sep-151716-jan-30

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