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Livia Drusilla

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service from number of seats 1995 80 lenght width 16.50 mt 4.50 mt Livia Drusilla was Augusto’s wife and Tiberio’s mother. She was the daughter of Marco Livio Druso Claudiano and of Aufidia. In 38 b. C. she married Ottaviano, after divorcing from Tiberio Claudio Nerone. She brought to the future emperor not only a useful relationship of two of the most powerful families of the republican aristocracy (the Livi and the Claudi) but also a deep devotion to him. She represented for her beauty and chastity, the ideal figure of woman and of roman empress. She was suspected to be involved in a conspiracy to give power to her son Tiberio, in which some members of the imperial family died, but there is no confirmation of that. He was adopted in Augusto’s testament and became member of the “Gens Julia” , so that after she died her name became Giulia Augusta (58 b.C-29 a.C).



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