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La Foce

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La Foce


State owned shipyard since 1647, owned by Cravero since 1880 and Odero since 1896


Yd noNameTypeOwnerBuiltEndNote
La PomonefrigateFrench navy1805
L'EndymionbrigantineFrench navy1805
La CyclopebrigantineFrench navy1805
Le Genoisship of the lineFrench navy1805
Le MercurebrigantineFrench navy1806
L'AdonisbrigantineFrench navy1806
La DanaefrigateFrench navy1807
Le Breslauship of the lineFrench navy1808
L'Agamemnonship of the lineFrench navy1812
La GalateefrigateFrench navy1812
La DryadefrigateFrench navy1812
Le Scipionship of the lineFrench navy1813

ex Le Brilliant

ship of the lineBritish navy

ex French navy

Maria TeresafrigateSardinian navy1816
TritonecorvetteSardinian navy1816
Commercio di GenovafrigateSardinian navy1817
NereidebrigantineSardinian navy1818
Maria CristinafrigateSardinian navy1819
AuroracorvetteSardinian navy1827
BeroldofrigateSardinian navy1827
Des Geneys

ex Hautecombe

frigateSardinian navy1827
EuridicecorvetteSardinian navy1828
Carlo FelicefrigateSardinian navy1829
ReginafrigateSardinian navy1829
StaffettaschoonerSardinian navy1831

then Achille

steamerSardinian navy1836
Ichnusapaddle wheel dispatch vesselSardinian navy1837

then Iride

corvetteSardinian navy1838
San MichelefrigateSardinian navy1840
Tripolipaddle corvetteSardinian navy1840
EridanobrigantineSardinian navy1841
ColombobrigantineSardinian navy1844
Malfatanoscrew corvetteSardinian navy1844
DainobrigantineSardinian navy1844
San Giovanniscrew corvetteSardinian navy1849
Vittorio Emanuelescrew frigateSardinian navy1856
LunisteamerSardinian navy1858
Maria Adelaidascrew fritgateSardinian navy1859
CurtatonegunboatSardinian navy1860
VinzagliogunboatSardinian navy1860
Duca di GenovaScrew firgateSardinian navy1860
MontebellogunboatSardinian navy1860
Principe Umbertoscrew frigateItalian navy1862
Principe CarignanoironcladItalian navy1863
Principessa Clotildescrew corvetteIralian navy1864
Citta di Napolitransport shipItalian navy1865
RomaironcladItalian navy1865
Voraginefloating batteryItalian navy1865
Vedettadispatch vesselItalian navy1866
VeneziaironcladItalian navy1869
Viterboroyal boatItalian navy1884
unknown La Foce 1tug1886
unknown La Foce 2tug1886
unknown La Foce 3tug1886
unknown La Foce 4tug1886
unknown La Foce 5tug1886
unknown La Foce 6tug1886
unknown La Foce 7tug1886
unknown La Foce 8tug1886
unknown La Foce 9tug1886
S68torpedo boatItalian navy1888
S69torpedo boatItalian navy1888
S70torpedo boatItalian navy1888
S71torpedo boatItalian navy1888
unknown La Foce 10tug1888
unknown La Foce 11tug1888
unknown La Foce 12tug1888
unknown La Foce 13tug1888
TinotankerItalian navy1889
S116torpedo boatItalian navy1890
S117torpedo boatItalian navy1890
S118torpedo boatItalian navy1890
S119torpedo boatItalian navy1890
unknown La Foce 14boat1891
unknown La Foce 15boat1891
AtlantetugItalian navy1895
S145torpedo boatItalian navy1892
S146torpedo boatItalian navy1892
S147torpedo boatItalian navy1892
S148torpedo boatItalian navy1892
unknown La Foce 16boat1894
unknown La Foce 17tug1895
Savoiapassenger steamer1897
unknown La Foce 18tankerItalian navy1898
Citta di Torinopassenger steamer1898
Jupitercargo steamer1899
Neptunuscargo steamer1899
F G Ciampacargo steamer1899
Uranuscargo steamer1900
A Trevescargo steamer1900
Toscanapassenger steamer1901
Ravennapassenger steamer1901
Bhin Tuancargo steamerChina1902
G M D'Alacargo steamer1902
Principessa Mafaldasailing ship1903
Miramarpassenger steamerSpain1903
Gabriele D'Alasailing ship1905
Italiapassenger steamer1905
Re Vittoriopassenger steamer1907
Amalfiarmoured cruiserItalian navy1909
Citta di Siracusapassenger steamer1910
Teverepassenger steamer1911
Leonardo da VincibattleshipItalian navy1913
Strombolicargo ship1914
Marcantonio ColonnabattleshipItalian navy(1915)-
Castorecargo ship1917
Pollucecargo ship1917
Bolzanetocargo ship1918
Teresa Ocargo ship1919
Nicolo O IIcargo ship1919
Isa Z Ocargo ship1920
La Focecargo ship1921
Lidocargo ship1921
Sturlacargo ship1922
Nicolo Oderocargo ship1925
Priaruggiacargo ship1925
Teresa Oderocargo ship1926
Capo Sandalopassenger ship1928
Elbano Gasperipassenger ship1928
Ichnusapassenger ship1928
Almirante Brownheavy cruiserArgentinian navy1929

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